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Data limită pentru înscriere 24 martie 2019


Mini Kids: 7 years and under
Children: 11 years and under
Junior: 12 years – 15 years
Adult 1: 16 years and over
Adult 2: 31 years and over

Example: One dancer is 10 and one is 13, they may dance in the Junior Division but if the younger
dancer is only 9 they may not.

NOTE 1: While younger dancers may dance ‘up’ a division, the reverse is not possible and older
dancers may not dance ‘down’ a division.

NOTE 2: A younger dancer who dances ‘up’ a division as outlined under the rules, such as a child
of 11 dancing in the Junior Duo division, MUST dance in that age division in that category for the
reminder of the competition year. He or she may NOT dance in the Children’s division with a
different partner, but he or she COULD dance in the younger (children’s) division in Small Groups
or Formations.